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Quick Chicken Miso Soup

Quick Chicken Miso Soup
Thursday, 14th March 2019

Is there any other better moment for a chicken soup than a chilly days? There isn’t, I can tell you that. But a cold day also comes with the lack of energy to cook a full on 2-hour-chicken-soup with home made egg yolk noodles.

Since I am not the kind of guy to let laziness keep my away from my cravings, below you will find my solution to this predicament: a really fast soup inspired by Asian dishes, packed with flavor and healthy probiotics form the magical miso paste. Using miso was inspired from my butternut squash cream soup recipe. It will give the soup an amazing savory taste.

The best thing about this soup recipe is that it’s really versatile and you can use things you already have. I used leftover chicken breast from a roasted bird we had for dinner and some of the vegetables I found in my fridge. No fuss, just taste.


Leftover chicken, or any other meat, or none at all if you want to make a vegetarian soup

Hardy vegetables (I used some potatoes, parsnip, carrots and a bit of broccoli)

Some pasta or noodles


A small piece of ginger

Chili oil or Togarashi mix

Parsley or Cilantro


Put the vegetables along with the ginger in a sauce pan and cover them with 4 or 5 centimeters of lightly salted water (you’ll be adding miso later and that has a lot of salt). Boil the vegetables for about 15-20 minutes but check them from time to time, so they don’t become too mushy. They should still have a bit of crunch in them.

Separately cook the noodles accordingly to their package. I used some leftover Italian pasta so I boiled it for 8 minutes. Reserve some of the water used.

Approximate the quantity of soup you’ll get and for each soup bowl mix one Tbs of miso with the  water from the noodles.

When the vegetables are done, turn of the heat and let them sit for a few moments, then add the diluted miso. You can always add more to your bowl if you want, just dilute it in a bit of broth before adding.

Prepare each bowl of soup by adding pieces of chicken, pasta and vegetables from the broth. Then add the broth over the solids and sprinkle chili oil or togarashi or both, like I did. Since I read about this spice mix a year ago on Taste, I’m obsessed with it and use it on a lot of dishes for extra flavor. 

Add some of chopped parsley or cilantro and warm yourself with a bowl of the quickest chicken soup there is.

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